Seven top tips for interview success

First impressions matter but don’t think all is lost if you had a bad start. There’s always a chance to bring an interview round.

Any preparation you do should not just be cosmetic ‘grooming’ for the ‘interview’ but for the whole process of application.

Knowledge in isolation is not as useful as context. Think about your answer and how it has relevance to circumstances.

Your performance at interview is only one of a number of factors that recruiters and admissions tutors will take into account.

Our 10,000th student completes interview training programme

Cause for a little celebration at the end of 2015 as we count the 10,000th student to complete our face-to-face interview training programme. The student, from Vienna International School, was one of 20+ young people who signed up for two 30-minute mock interviews when we visited at the end of November. She's hoping to secure a place at a UK medical school next autumn, and we asked her questions on proteins, amino acids, ethics... and even poisons.