So, like, you know… Why are verbal tics everywhere?

Words and phrases such as ‘so’, ‘like’ and ‘know what I mean’ now pepper our conversations, but why do we use them and why do we notice them so much? On BBC Radio 4, Jenni Murray talks to Jennifer Smith, Professor of Sociolinguistics at the University of Glasgow, about these verbal fillers, and explains their usage, what impact they have, and whether women are more likely to use them than men.

IG runs 'Tomorrow's Leaders' conference at Orleans Park School

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to put on the 'Tomorrow's Leaders' Conference at Orleans Park School in Twickenham on Friday 11 March. Around 100 motivated young people (all studying in year 12 at a school in Richmond or Kingston boroughs) took part in the half-day Conference. A big thank you to Andy Grant for his inspiring presentations, also to Jack Lewars and Neil Barrett, both of whom kept delegates on their toes with some worthwhile challenges.
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