About Us

GroupThere are countless situations in life where the key to success is the ability to sell yourself to others. At many universities - and for all jobs - it’s critical for candidates to demonstrate the ability to convince interviewers that they’re the best person for the place or the job. That means providing an excellent application form, personal statement or CV - and making a success of the interviews that may follow.

Here at Interview Guru, we’re here to assist you in the process of selling yourself effectively - in any competitive environment. Our easy-to-navigate video library is a fantastic resource in which we channel our expertise and experience in exactly the way that will help you best. We want to help you feel good about yourself and your potential, and we’ll help you unlock the right tactics for convincing potential employers (and admissions tutors) to feel the same way.

I am proud of the people who make up the Interview Guru team, all highly experienced communications professionals. Some use their extensive training experience to bring effective coaching techniques to life; others are subject specialists with top academic track records. In their varying roles as coaches, facilitators, trainers, presenters and experts, they share one thing in common; namely a passion to help you communicate effectively in situations where it really matters.

We’ve worked with thousands of young (and not so young) people at dozens of schools and colleges since we started in 1989. And now, the very best of our know-how is available right here on the Interview Guru website. Do take advantage of our extremely competitive rates, and choose a log-in that’s best suited to your needs.

By the way, we are still very active in workshops, events and face-to-face coaching and training. Send me an email and I’ll be pleased to talk to you in more detail about what we do and how you can make best use of us and boost your chances in the competitive world of selection and employment.

James Luckhurst
Interview Guru Ltd